Have You Visited or Submitted to the Image Bank?

Did you know that GRIPE maintains a master item bank for institutional members? The bank includes over 5,500 indexed, peer-reviewed questions and includes a computer based question management system with quick and easy search capabilities and quiz or exam construction. It also includes over 4,000 indexed digital images which cover a wide range of clinical, gross, and microscopic pathology.

Did you know you can submit your pathology images to the image bank? This month, GRIPE is looking to expand the Master Item bank by adding gynecologic pathology images. If you’d like to submit some of your GYN images, or any other images to the bank, please click here. 

The GRIPE Image and Question Bank may be found on the GRIPE website under the Resources heading as Educational Resources. From here, you’ll be able to access the bank with your institutional login information.

If you can’t remember your login information, want to upgrade your membership to an institutional membership, or have questions about the bank, please contact please contact Cassie Chinn via email at cassie@gripeadmin.org.