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Call for Pathology Job Postings

As you may know, GRIPE maintains an open job posting board on the GRIPE website under the Resources tab. Currently, the listing of open job postings can be found here.

If your university has an opening in the pathology department, send us the job information and we’ll post it on the GRIPE website! Send your job posting information to support@gripeadmin.org. Please be sure to include all pertinent information as well as contact information for applicants.

If you have any questions about submitting a job posting, please email us at support@gripeadmin.org

#GRIPE20 Call for Posters and Oral Abstracts – Due August 1

GRIPE20 Banner

The Group for Research in Pathology Education (GRIPE) extends a warm welcome to join them for their winter meeting in San Antonio, Texas January 23-25, 2020 at the Menger Hotel. This year’s theme is “Enhancing Pathology’s Visibility to Our Students, Colleagues and Patients.”

Abstracts are currently welcomed for Poster and Oral presentation format. We also encourage poster abstracts from students and trainees. Please remember to choose the appropriate presentation format, noting that there is a special option for students.  Projects must revolve around one of the following topics:

  • Enhancing Pathology’s visibility with medical students.
  • Enhancing Pathology’s visibility with medical education and/or clinical colleagues.
  • Enhancing Pathology’s visibility with the patients we serve.

Click here to submit or visit the GRIPE website at www.GRIPEweb.org. *Abstracts will not be considered without an included disclosure form for each presenter completed with the abstract.That disclosure form can be found here.

Deadline for submission: August 1, 2019 

Have questions or would like more information? Please contact us at support@gripeadmin.org.
Thank you,
Nicole Williams, MDGRIPE 2020 Program Chair

GRIPE is Still Accepting Workshop Abstracts for the 2020 Annual Meeting

The Group for Research in Pathology Education (GRIPE) is still inviting submissions of workshop abstracts for presentation at the annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas, USA, January 23-25, 2020. This year’s theme is “Enhancing Pathology’s Visibility to Our Students, Colleagues and Patients”
Click here to submit or visit the GRIPE website at www.gripeweb.org. The abstract submission page is under the Annual Meeting heading. Please note that if this is the first time you are accessing this site, you will need to create a new user profile.
The deadline for submission is June 15, 2019.
 If you have any questions or issues submitting your workshop abstract, please email support@gripeadmin.org.

GRIPE May Featured Member Vice President Osvaldo Padilla!

Our association is a robust and diverse set of educators, researchers and medical professionals that come from all walks of life and from around the globe. Each month a member is chosen to highlight their academic and professional career and see how they are making the best of their membership in GRIPE. This month’s Featured Member is Program Committee Member, leader of Trainee Involvement and GRIPE Vice President, Dr. Osvaldo Padilla.

Osvaldo Padilla

Osvaldo Padilla, MD, MPH
Vice President, GRIPE
Associate Professor of Hematopathology
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center – El Paso

You’ve been a member of the Program Committee as well as the Executive committee for several years. What has been your impression of the GRIPE annual program in year’s past?
I have enjoyed interacting with my colleagues in a small group setting, which lends itself to a more close-knit group, as opposed to a big meeting where you can easily get lost in the crowd. As a small organization, individuals have the opportunity to participate and have a big impact on our organization, since we are always looking for volunteers with persistence and enthusiasm. 

The annual meeting back in January rolled out several new highlights, including a trainee poster session, workshops, roundtables and an impromptu trainee oral session. What was your involvement in these new features? 
My involvement encompasses getting better communication between medical educators and trainees through dialogues, posters, workshops, etc. In my opinion, feedback between both parties lends itself to better understanding and communication between both groups. I also feel that it is an opportunity for trainees to get exposure to pathology medical education, as a career, as well as offer them workshops that they may benefit from. I was impressed with the number of students who were able to come to New Orleans in January. It was very useful to get their input at the roundtable discussions since this type of face to face dialogue is not always frequent. 

What can we look forward as far as trainee involvement in 2020?

Ideally, I’d like to increase attendance at our conference by making it more interactive with trainees. I think we often underestimate their potential contributions to our organization and their ability to teach in being better medical educators. They are very eager to get involved and take greater responsibility for their education, as seen by their involvement in this past conference. I think more interactions between educators and students would prove extremely valuable for both parties.

What is it about the annual meetings that are a draw for you as a GRIPE member?
Definitely, the interactions with my colleagues and the potential to learn from their teaching methods. I also enjoy the niche of medical educators that we have, but in addition, meeting new individuals, participating for the first time.

Want to find out more information about what happened at the 2019 meeting, or interested in attending the 2020 meeting? Visit www.gripemeeting.org for more information!

Join GRIPE for Breakfast at IAMSE 2019

The 23rd Annual International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) Meeting will be taking place Roanoke, Virginia, USA from June 8-11, 2019. GRIPE will be exhibiting at the meeting and would like to invite all of our members who will be attending this meeting to join us for breakfast on Monday, June 6. The GRIPE Breakfast will take place during the Breakfast Roundtables from 7:15 AM to 8:15 AM.

We look forward to seeing you there!