GRIPE – Featured Member: Kevin Carnevale, Immediate Past President

This month, we’d like to introduce you to our featured member, Kevin Carnevale, GRIPE Past President:

I’ve been a GRIPE member since 2007 where I was introduced to GRIPE as course director in Pathology at University of South Carolina School of Medicine. GRIPE has been an instrumental part of my career in teaching pathology and has educated me on the many different curriculums, techniques, and challenges in medical and pathology education. I have seen the facilities, exposed to different curriculum, and interacted with different pathology medical educators from institutions within the United States and abroad. Seeing different simulation centers, pathology departments, and the emerging generalized medical education departments at different schools in the United States has been eye opening in the changing landscape of undergraduate pathology/medical education. I currently direct the pathology teaching and education at the physician assistant school, podiatric medical school, and osteopathic medical school at Des Moines University since 2012.

The things I love the most about GRIPE are the passionate pathology educators, collegial noncompetitive atmosphere, and cutting edge techniques, resources, advancements freely exchanged at our annual meeting and throughout the year. I am very comfortable contacting a new or senior members of GRIPE outside the time of our meeting on education techniques, resources, or scholarly activity. Questions and support has always been provided by senior members for tenure/promotion process and letters. We are here to support each other through the changing times at our institutions and GRIPE is an excellent organization to support me in my academic career. This alone is a fantastic reason new faculty members responsible for teaching pathology at their institutions should join GRIPE.

GRIPE is an international organization that has opened my eyes to the ways pathology is taught in Brazil, Australia, and England. The resources and history of undergraduate medical education is quite different in other locations. I have served in many different positions at GRIPE since joining which includes Chair of Image Bank, Chair of Strategic Planning, Secretary, Vice President, and President. I’m currently Past President of GRIPE and a very proud member. This has advanced my understanding, boosted my recognition as a pathology educator nationally/internationally, aided my tenure and promotion application at my institution, and has secured long lasting relationships with other passionate pathology educators. The last feature is the most precious of the several mentioned.