GRIPE Member Announcements

Dr. Rajasekaran Koteeswaran recently published an article in Medical Science Educator (March 2017) titled, “Flipping Pathology: Our experience at an Australian Medical School”, ( In this article, he shares his experience and challenges in re-structuring pathology curriculum to ensure equitable teaching delivery to more than 500 medical students enrolled annually and spread across 4 campuses at an Australian medical school.

Dr. Ritcha Saxena has published a paper on Cutting-Edge Strategies in Massive Transfusion in Patients of Obstetric Hemorrhage in Journal of General Practice. She also presented a poster on a Wave of innovation in pathology teaching with Incorporation of Advanced Radiology and Ultramodern Pathology Techniques at the ASCP Annual Meeting 2017 in Chicago and was selected as a finalist for the Best Poster Award. Dr. Saxena prepared an interactive module incorporating advanced radiological techniques with digital microscopy and virtual gross specimens integrated with latest IHC and molecular profiles. She was invited to present it at the Pathology Department Meeting at HIMU, India to introduce and train in the latest pedagogical approaches to the faculty.

Dr. Fernando Gomez has co-authored a recently published paper titled, “The pathogenesis of microcephaly resulting from congenital infections: why is my baby’s head so small?” (

GRIPE Member Announcements

Dr. Geoffrey Talmon has co-authored a book that is now available for purchase! The book is entitled, Mind the Gap: Generational Differences in Medical Education and may be ordered on the publisher’s website here.

Dr. Lija Joseph was featured in an article from CAP Today titled, “New pathology patient consult program takes off.” Read the full article here.

Dr. Shirley Siew has been awarded the prestigious Distinguished Faculty Award and has recently presented a poster entitled, “MacCallum’s Triangle. Is it Rheumatic? Is it Traumatic? Or is it Both?” at the meeting of the Microscopy Society of America in St Louis, Missouri, 2017.