Abstract Submission

GRIPE Abstract Submission2019 GRIPE Annual Meeting – Abstract Submission
“Making Pathology Relevant to Millennials”



Deadline for workshop submission: June 15, 2018

While we are looking for submissions to help us develop the program around the annual theme, submissions not related will be considered.  To submit an abstract for the 2019 GRIPE meeting please note the following instructions:

1. Abstracts are currently being accepted for workshop presentations.

2. A disclosure form must be submitted for every author listed within the abstract.  Submissions without disclosure forms will not be accepted.  Please download the disclosure form here: Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships

3. Workshop abstracts must include:

Workshop Description
Workshop Objectives to be Met

The abstract must be 500 words or less

4. Poster abstracts must be 500 words or less and contain the following headers:


Please submit your questions or concerns to support@gripeadmin.org