Tom Kent Award for Excellence in Pathology Education

Nature of the Tom Kent Award:

The title of the award will be the “Tom Kent Award for Excellence in Pathology Education”. The award will be non-monetary, except that GRIPE will pay some portion of the recipient’s transportation expenses (amount to be determined by the Executive committee) to attend our meeting and accept the award.

Selection criteria for the Tom Kent Award:

The emphasis will be on contributions to Pathology education, which will be defined as broadly as possible, and include both undergraduate and graduate programs. The award will recognize the broader category of “education,” rather than just presentation skills, and should recognize a “lifetime” of contributions, rather than something done at any one point in time. The awardee’s contribution to education should be widely recognized, and not simply gratitude for “services to GRIPE”. Anyone who has made a major contribution to Pathology Education will be eligible, whether or not they are GRIPE members.

Click here to download the 2018 Tom Kent Award Nomination Form

Selection process for the Tom Kent Award:

Nominations will be annually solicited from the GRIPE membership as a whole. It is anticipated that the award will be made on an “as deserved” basis and need not be awarded annually. Candidates should be nominated by a minimum of 3 GRIPE members, each at separate institutions. Nominations will come from GRIPE members only, although supporting letters could be accepted from anyone. The awardee will be selected from among the nominees by an “Award Committee” consisting of the four immediate past presidents of GRIPE. For the nominee to be selected by the Committee, a minimum of 3 votes is needed from among the Committee members.

Presentation of the Tom Kent Award:

Upon selection of a recipient, the award will be presented at the next official meeting of the GRIPE membership.

Tom Kent Award Recipients:

GRIPE is proud to announce the recipients of the “Tom Kent Award for Excellence in Pathology Education” and thanks them for their contributions to pathology education:

Charles Hitchcock, M.D., Ph.D.
2016 Tom Kent Award Winner
Ohio State University School of Medicine
2016 GRIPE Meeting, San Diego, California


Ivan_DamjanovIvan Damjanov, M.D., Ph.D.
2007 Tom Kent Award
University of Kansas School of Medicine,
Winter 2007 GRIPE Meeting, Tampa, FL,
at University of South Florida School of Medicine


Emanuel_RubinEmanuel Rubin, M.D.
2001 Tom Kent Award
Summer 2001 APC/GRIPE Meeting, Park City, Utah
Second Recipient of the Thomas Kent Award from the Group for Research in Pathology Education


  • Stanley L. Robbins, M.D.
    Summer 1998 APC/GRIPE Meeting, Boulder, CO
    1998 Tom Kent Award
    First Recipient of the Thomas Kent Award from the Group for Research in Pathology EducationDr. Robbins’ Biography,
    Boston University School of Medicine Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
In memoriam tribute to Dr. Robbins