Nature of the award:

The award will be non-monetary, except that GRIPE may pay some portion of the recipient’s transportation expenses (amount to be determined by the Executive Committee) to attend our meeting, accept the award, and share his/her insights of their service experience.

Presentation of the Award:

The award may be presented at the annual meeting of GRIPE, but need not be presented each year.

Selection criteria:

The emphasis will be on contributions to the GRIPE organization, which will be defined as broadly as possible and include both leadership as an officer, editor, development of GRIPE resources such as the Item Bank, or chair of a committee(ies). The award will recognize the broader category of “exceptional leadership and participation” rather than just presentation skills and should recognize a lifetime of contributions that were consistent, visionary, and thoughtful which resulted in contributions building the GRIPE organization in support of excellence in pathology education. The awardee must be a current GRIPE member to be eligible.

Selection Process:

The Executive Committee will discuss the award annually and take nominations from the GRIPE membership. Candidates would be nominated with letters to the Executive Committee, by a minimum of three GRIPE members each in separate institutions. Nominations may come only from current GRIPE members. The selection will be made from among the nominees by the Executive Committee. For the nominee to be selected by the Executive Committee a majority of votes on the Executive Committee is required. Nominations for the award close on July 1st each year.

You can find the submission form for this award here.

Award Information:

The award shall be a plaque presented at the annual meeting. The awardee will have time allotted during the meeting program to share thoughts on changes that have occurred in pathology education over the years of his/her service along with hopes for educating the next generation in pathology.

Past award winners:

GRIPE is pleased to announce the recipients of the “GRIPE Distinguished Service Award” and thanks them for their lifetime contribution to GRIPE:

Roger Geiss

Roger Geiss

2016 – Roger Geiss, M.D.
University of Illinois




Regina Kreisle

Regina Kreisle

2018 – Regina Kreisle
Purdue University