GRIPE – What is QuickPath to the Boards?

QuickPath to Boards is a Facebook group maintained by the Group for Research in Pathology Education (GRIPE). This page is beneficial for students in getting help with questions about Pathology when preparing for exams from faculty and other students. The page will also be used to suggest available pathology study materials.

Faculty members are also encouraged to join the private group to help provide answers and clarifications to the many questions that students may have.  It’s a great way to support students outside of the classroom.

The QuickPath to Boards group may be found at While a Facebook account is required to join the group, no one will have access to your personal, non-public information.

GRIPE 2017 Meeting Abstracts Now Online

The 2017 GRIPE Annual Winter Meeting poster abstracts are now listed online. We will have eight poster presentations on the following topics:

  • Team-Based Learning is an Effective Way to Teach Appropriate Utilization of Hemostasis Laboratory Tests
  • Interventions in Pathology Education: A Systematic Review of the Tools Used to Measure Student Performance
  • Teaching Pathology in the Twenty First Century
  • Immune response to bacteria: An integrated learning module to help assemble the big picture towards competency in immunology in a clinical presentation based curriculum
  • Self-Directed Learning Modules: An Active Learning Tool for Stronger Motivation and Higher Achievement
  • Teaching Pathology in the 21st Century
  • Demystifying Transfusion Medicine for Internal Medicine residents
  • The Early Bird Catches the Applicant: Attracting More US Medical Students to Careers in Pathology

To view the abstracts, please click here.

Not registered for the meeting? Registration is still available online at!

Top 5 Reasons Why GRIPE Membership is Valuable

  1. Access to the Resource Bank – The GRIPE resource bank contains over 5,500 indexed, peer-reviewed questions and images that have been submitted to GRIPE. It includes multiple choice questions, images with multiple choice questions, and clinical case items.
  2. Discounted registration for the Annual Meeting – Being a GRIPE member saves you money for the Annual Meeting. For example, the 2017 Meeting will cost $500 for registration for non-members, but GRIPE members will only pay $425.
  3. Access to Job Postings in Pathology Education – GRIPE maintains a job posting on the website for open positions in Pathology. If you’re looking for a new position, it’s easier to look through Pathology listings than to try and narrow all listings to just Pathology.
  4. Access to Pathology Mentors – If you are looking to broaden your horizons in Pathology, GRIPE can provide you information on Pathologists or Mentors in your area.
  5. Updates with News, resources and information valuable to pathology educators – Any time there is new information or news that might interest Pathology Educators, GRIPE will let their members know.